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  • $19.95

    Midnight Express

    A real and delicious tobacco taste. One of the most authentic tobacco experience that will be the closest to the real thing there is. 

  • $19.95

    Gen 7

    A rich tobacco flavor that is followed by hints of smooth vanilla and chewy raisins.

  • $19.95


    Daybreak has a creamy and slightly nutty taste with hints of french vanilla 

  • $19.95

    Sweet Leaf

    With a hint of sweet and spice Sweet Leaf gives the bold tobacco flavor a sweet turn. 

  • $19.95


    A nutty and sweet flavor. Soho is complimented with a roasted and creamy taste that produces smooth tobacco taste that isn't harsh by any means

  • $19.95


    If you are looking for something smooth and cold this stuff is for you. Smoothol is one of the best menthol flavors out there! Experience a sweet, ...

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  • $19.95


    Mintoid packs a powerful burst of mint and menthol in every puff. Enjoy the frosty flavor of icy peppermint with Mintoid!