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Tobacco Stash 2-Pack (120mls)


Pistachio and tobacco for the calm and collected.

Tobacco Stash is the same great flavor and VG/PG ratio as McCree Stash (30ml). Just a bigger bottle and a better value!

Size: 120ml

VG/PG Ratio: 50/50

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Melody Barrueta
Great Brand

I tried this after my regular tobacco flavor was out of stock and was pleasantly pleased! It has a milder, smooth tobacco flavor and glad I have another option. New Leaf carries such quality liquids that I haven't come close to finding in Des Moines, IA (where I moved). With the new shipping laws, I'm so grateful I can continue purchasing via my sister in JAX. I tell everyone that New Leaf is like "Starbuck's," for vaping and I so wish we had one here!

james venable

Tobacco Stash 2-Pack (120mls)

Faye Huber


Jerdale Nelson
Product Reviews

I love both items. Very easy to use and it tastes great!!

Joshua La Moureaux
Excellent Flavor and Craftsmanship, just Pricey!

I absolutely love the Tobacco Stash and can honestly say I have rarely found any other flavors from other companies that are able to create that unique taste. As a result I order it online despite the fact I live hundreds of miles away. My only issue is the price, compared to most other companies the price they charge for the Tobacco Stash gets pretty steep pretty quick.